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Suh Signs

  Old Husker with Cool Pants
  Husker Hotties
  AZ Hotties
  Great Husker Family
  The Husker lady on the left is guest of honor for a bachlorette party.  The one on the right well... she was feeling no pain
   Husker bus cuties
  "Husker Hottie" need we say more
  Texas+larry TCG 011A.jpg

 Larry the Cable Guy, wife Cara (pointing) and friends party down with the HE

Hskr Bus Meyer Pinned.JPG

  Iowa St. QB Brent Meyers accidently got nailed by the Husker Bus--Opps!
  Little Red

Shenandoah, Iowa Group

  Coach Cal and the pompadour
Coach Cal's reaction to Manic Dee Presley's claim his pompadour is real
 Gerry says, "Would you believe a Chia Pet painted black?"

  Fryar, Rosier, Gill
Fryar, Gill and Rosier Spring Game 2005
  Remembering the Good Times!
Remembering the Good Times!

Chris Craig and Friends Party Down with the HE


Is loittering at the statue allowed?


  Entertaining the crowd at a 4th of July Party Hosted by Jay Norvell (Thanks Jay & Kim)

Johnny Rogers and Husker Elvises
Johnny the Jet Rogers and HE


Heisman want-a-be's


  Entertaining at Sidetracks with Joyce (Thanks Joyce for your Friendship)
  Rose bowl shots - Are we having fun yet?  The fans were unbelievable!!
Don't be cruel, to fan who's true!

Don't want no other love, Huskers
You're the team I'm dreamin' of!

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