Husker Elvis Posters

Husker Elvises Viva Las Veges
(#HE- 001 $19.95)
Includes Shipping and Handling

Husker Elvises on the Strip
(#HE- 002 $19.95)
Includes Shipping and Handling

Included in Your order will be a personalized message and signed by one of the Husker Elvises, if requested.

To Order Your Husker Elvis Poster...

Step 1- Contact  I will confirm we have the poster available

  Step 2-Send a check to the
 Larry Brew 1108 Martin Court Loveland, Colorado 80537
  and specify:
    Item # Quantity Name and Mailing Address

    Personal message you want written on the poster. (optional)

    Examples.... John-Happy 40th Birthday!  Don't be cruel and Stay Cool! (Husker Elvis signature)

    Mary-Forever Red, Enough Said! (Husker Elvis signature)

    Bill-Born a Husker, Raised a Husker Husker , Always a Husker!  (Husker Elvis  signature)

    Sue-Livin' the dream! Huskers Forever!! (Husker Elvis signature) 

    All proceeds from sales are used to fund Husker Elvis trips so  the Husker Spirit can be continually  passed on!!

    Christmas Special
    Husker Elvis Christmas Card !!!
    A personalized Christmas greeting and picture of the Husker Elvises will be sent to you and your special friends.  Order now at the above address or e-mail.   Price:
    1 Card $7.95,  2 cards $10, 3 cards $14; 4 cards $17; 5 or more cards $4 each.
    Send check and list of all family and friends addresses and celebrate the Holidays Husker Style!!

Don't be cruel, to a fan who's true!

Don't want no other love, Huskers
You're the team I'm dreamin' of!



Go Huskers

� Copyright 2005. Husker Elvises. Fort Collins, Colorado.