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Who Are The Husker Elvises?

The Husker Elvis' group is made up of the four Brew brothers
(Larry, Steve, Ron and Gerry).  Dressing up in Husker Red and white Elvis jumpsuits, wigs and capes; they show up at Husker games to cheer on 'Big Red' and promote team spirit. Also know as the 'Brew Crew' they were born and raised in Alliance, Nebraska. The Husker Elvises are goodwill ambassadors for Husker football and seek to build fan spirit for the Husker Nation during football games and throughout the year!

Our dear brother Steve passed away in 2007.  The memories and love he shared with us will be forever cherished.

The Husker Elvises Out of Uniform
(Four Brothers and Two Sisters)
(Left to right) Gerry, Chris, Steve, Aunt Polly, Ron, Kathy and Larry

HE Family

Don't be cruel, to a fan who's true!

Don't want no other love, Huskers
You're the team I'm dreamin' of!

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